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For centuries the social and sporting highlight of many people’s lives was the horse races, but now it’s conkers.

And rightly so, as the level of professionalism at this year’s Copenhagen Conkers Championship was extraordinary.

A tense affair eventually ended with Liam ‘Fluffy’ Duffy seeing off Mathis ‘the Norwegian Knobbler’ Kvalnes to retain the title for the second year running.

“I’d like to thank Charlies Bar and the Copenhagen Post for again supporting the event,” said event organiser Jon Nunn.

“The horse chestnut tree is becoming endangered in many parts of Europe, which is worrisome for professional conker players. The Copenhagen Conker Championship will be holding a large benefit concert to raise awareness of this issue. We are trying to contact the very reverend Sir Bob Geldof as we would like him to attend dressed as a conker.”

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