Denmark allows taller turbines | Windpower Monthly

Denmark allows taller turbines | Windpower Monthly

The removal of the limit will allow the use of the latest turbine technology, said trade association Wind Denmark, marking the move as an “important step” for “the sake of climate ambitions, local democracy and Denmark’s leading position in wind energy”.

Under the country’s energy agreement signed in the summer of 2018, Denmark pledged to reduce the number of onshore wind turbines in the country. It hopes to reduce the current 4,300 machines operating in Denmark to roughly 1,850 over the next decade.

However, to achieve its target of 100% green power by 2030, Wind Denmark said an additional 2.5GW of wind capacity would be required.

“We must ensure the most optimal framework for expanding with renewable wind energy. In the long term, there will be fewer, but larger and more efficient wind turbines,” said Denmark’s business minister Simon Kollerup.

“Although we are now opening the opportunity for larger onshore wind turbines, it is important for me to emphasise that the municipalities must continue to take into account both neighbors, landscape and nature,” Kollerup added.

Much of the additional capacity required will be added through repowering and replacing the older, smaller turbines.

“If Denmark is to deliver on the climate ambitions and have 100% green power at the same time as the number of wind turbines in the Danish landscape more than halved by 2030, this requires that the new wind turbines approved in the country’s municipalities are up to date,” said Camilla Holbech, deputy manager at Wind Denmark.

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