Denmark can stop construction of Nord Stream 2

Denmark can stop construction of Nord Stream 2

The key moment will come in early October when the pipe-laying vessel eaches Denmark’s waters by this time.

The construction of a gas pipeline to Europe along the bottom of the Baltic Sea may hold on the border of the Danish territorial waters, the captain of the pipe-laying vessel, Kenny Huben, fears, Reuters reports September 16.

The reason for this situation is that Denmark is one of the countries opposed to the project and which did not give permission to lay the pipeline in its waters. Ulrich Lissek, the press secretary of the Nord Stream 2
project, expressed his confidence in a positive resolution of the issues. He said that the project was moving exactly on schedule and there were no serious risks in the dialogue with the Danish Energy Agency.

The key moment will come in early October – since the project’s speed is 3-4 km per day and the Nord Stream 2 pipe-laying vessel will reach Denmark’s waters by this time. Due to the difficulties of obtaining permission from Denmark, the project implementation deadlines may shift by 8 months, which is equivalent to an increase in the cost of the project by 660 million Euros.

It is to be recalled that a number of senior officials believe that in order to gain time to build the gas pipeline bypassing Ukraine, Russia wants to conclude a short-term agreement with Kiev on gas transit to European consumers.

At the end of 2019, the 10-year gas transit agreement between Russia and Ukraine will expire. The new contract will be discussed at a trilateral meeting on gas between the European Union, Russia and Ukraine on September 19.

However, due to the fact that Ukraine has included European energy standards in its legislation, from January 1, 2020, Gazprom will be able to buy transit capacities of the Ukrainian (GTS) at an auction without concluding a separate contract. 

It was also reported that if Russia does not extend the gas transit contract, the Ukrainian economy will lose about $ 3 billion.

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