iDevices’ Alexa-powered smart light switch finally goes on sale


The light switch doesn’t require a separate Alexa device, so you could use it instead of an Echo or other smart speaker. You can control the Instinct using the Alexa app, including the creation of Routines to automate daily tasks, and you can access Alexa skills too.

Another potential use for a smart light switch is in the entryway to your home. You could turn on your AC, play music, turn on your lights and open your blinds the moment you step through the door, all by pressing one switch. Or it could be handy in the kitchen when your hands are full and you want Alexa to read out a recipe for you.

The device includes a motion sensor and ambient light sensors, and although these functionalities aren’t available yet they should be enabled in a future over-the-air update.

Instinct is hub-free and compatible with iOS and Android devices. It’s available now on Amazon for $99.95.

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