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Do you remember your first Freshers Fair? I say first, because let’s face it, you arrived in Denmark and realised everyone has a master’s and that you’d better get yours sharpish … once you’d earned enough brownie points.

Sports, hobbies, networking
Well, the International Citizens Day is a bit like Freshers Fair, with some 70 stalls clambering for your attention: from sports clubs, to adult learning classes, to hobby enthusiasts.

Only this time around, its organiser International House Copenhagen is raising the ante from the annual Expat Fair it used to organise every autumn at City Hall and going all-out as a one-stop café at a new location, DGI Byen in Vesterbro, just 100 metres from Copenhagen Central Station.

For this gargantuan endeavour on Saturday September 21, it is also incorporating more information from the public authorities, advice about housing, finances and careers, and lots of other practical information about strictly non-leisure activities.

The biggest event in town
International House Copenhagen is hailing this as the biggest international event in the capital, and they’re probably not talking porkie pies.

Free advice will be available on the most important things you need to know as an international living in Copenhagen and Denmark.

Whether you’ve just arrived or been here for some time, this is a chance to get invaluable guidance from industry experts on housing and careers, whilst meeting face-to-face representatives from cultural and leisure activities clubs.

Housing, careers, finances
Finding housing can be one of the most challenging aspects of life in Denmark – especially in Copenhagen.

At International Citizens Day, a whole host of experienced professionals from within the housing and financial sector will be at hand to give you the guidance you need.

Whether you need mortgage advice or a comprehensive relocation service, the attendees will include banking staff through to companies offering complete onboarding services to help you with all of that difficult life administration.

Taxes, a-kasse, language schools
You may have moved to Denmark because you have already secured a job, or you may be looking for one.

Either way, experts from the public and private sectors can give you valuable input on things you need to consider.

From learning about the tax system and a-kasse, to making an informed decision about which language school to study at, it’s all here!

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