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The Danish Maritime Authority has launched a new app that will aid sailors, surfers, and other people at sea to send out an emergency signal when in distress.

How it works?
Named SailSafe Alarm, a single click in the app sets out an alarm from the sea and reveals the sender’s accurate location. 

The receiver of this information is the Defence maritime rescue service, which can subsequently respond to emergency immediately. 

A necessary step
People at sea might be prone to many emergencies – storms, engine trouble or other problems – and the app will make calling for help easier than before when one could potentially be left stranded at sea for hours. 

“In an emergency, rescue personnel do not have to spend time finding out where the person in distress is located,” Sten Emborg, special consultant at Søsporten’s Security Council, told DR Nyheder.

“There is more of a chance of survival.”

The app does much more
Another feature of the app includes an individual being able to be tracked at all times by family and friends. In case of unresponsiveness, a text message is sent to the emergency contacts listed by the user. 

It can also help chart efficient sailing routes and provides time estimates for the journey. Moreover, users can also register their boats along with setting up a profile on the app. 

The app is free to download on the App Store and Google Play, and will be made available on Monday. It is already employed in a number of other countries, including Sweden, Norway, the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, going under the name SafeTrx.

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