Prince Christian of Denmark posts his first message on Instagram – Royal Central

Prince Christian of Denmark posts his first message on Instagram – Royal Central

Prince Christian of Denmark has sent his first Instagram message on the occasion of his family’s participation in the Royal Run in Denmark today.

The 13-year-old son of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary posted an image alongside his younger siblings (Princess Isabella, 12, and Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, both 8) outside their home before taking part in this year’s Royal Run in Copenhagen.

He said, “In a little while, along with my siblings, I will run a family mile. We look forward to running for the goal across the Palace Square.”

Crown Princess Mary also took part in today’s run, but Crown Prince Frederik had to stand on the sidelines as an injury to his back forced him to pull out of most races for this year’s Royal Run. However, he did take part in the one-mile walk in Aarhus.

Crown Princess Mary ran in the five kilometre run in Aarhus, as well as the one mile.

He didn’t get to run, but he did greet his family at the finish line and handed them their medals for participating. He was seen giving his youngest child, Princess Josephine a hug saying, “Cool, my girl.”

Crown Prince Frederik took over the Danish Royal House’s Instagram yesterday and answered followers’ questions on the Royal House’s Instagram story.

He revealed today on Instagram that the Royal Run will return for a third year next year, and one race will take place in South Jutland to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its reunification with Denmark.

In part, His Royal Highness spoke of his pride that his children took part and said, “We are all very happy for the great support that is Royal Run throughout the country. In this context, it is my pleasure to announce that the organisers are already preparing next year’s race. The puzzle is about to be completed, but it is clear that Royal Run comes to Jutland to mark the 100th anniversary of unification.”

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