Publication Date Change | The Denmark News

Publication Date Change | The Denmark News

Beginning August 3, The Denmark News will be publishing on Fridays instead of Thursdays

DENMARK — Around this time last year, we stepped back and took a hard look at our product and how we could better serve our readership. We then set a few goals, such as long-form feature stories on individual achievements of community members, more consistent and in-depth looks at local history, providing agricultural content, and bolstering our coverage of local sports and government.

We’ve received countless letters and cards from readers pleased with our work. Earlier this spring, for the first time since The Denmark News began publishing in 2009, we received four awards from the Wisconsin Newspaper Association (WNA) for our reporting on local government, our designing of advertisements, and general excellence among peer newspapers across Wisconsin.

While it may be tempting to claim credit all to ourselves, it is because of your support and your dedication to our community which has made it possible. Without you, the war stories of Matt Kralovetz and Ben VandenBergh may never have been told outside of family circles. Without you, every government meeting may as well have been a closed session. Without you, the Vikings in track, softball, and wrestling who made it to state would not have received the hometown attention they deserved.

Without you, the Heartbeat of the Community would have flatlined.

With the new publication date we will have more time to fine-tune stories, as well as being able to cover Tuesday night sporting events. Additionally, we’ll be able to cover more local government as well. The publications will hit the racks on Thursdays and subscribers will receive their copy on Friday mornings, allowing us to keep everyone up-to-date on upcoming weekend events.

It is no secret that print journalism has been facing challenges, and newspapers in rural communities have felt the brunt of the force. Surely, we have not been immune. Rather than tuck our tails and shrug into the sunset, we’ve tried to make the most of our resources, and our most valuable resource has been your support.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach us.


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