‘Stranger Things 3’ pays respect to the power and perils of tech


This presents an opportunity for the gadgets that were so prominent in seasons one and two, like walkie-talkies and amateur radios, to play a more crucial role than before in the Stranger Things universe. Season three features eight episodes, and it takes place in the summer of 1985, months after Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) used her superpowers to ward off The Mind Flayer and close the gate to the Upside Down. It doesn’t take long to get a glimpse of just how key communication devices will be to the plot of Stranger Things 3, which isn’t surprising considering how creators Matt and Ross Duffer basically gave every character a cellphone in season two.

Stranger Things

Dustin back home in Hawkins after science camp.

In one of the first scenes of Chapter One, dubbed “Suzie, Do You Copy?” Dustin is just returning to Hawkins from summer camp, and the first thing he does is try to reach the rest of the gang with his portable ham radio. Much to his disappointment, nobody’s voice can be heard at the other end of the line. “This is Gold Leader, returning to base,” he says, time and time again. “Do you copy? Over.” Little does he know, though, Eleven, Mike, Will, Lucas and Max are all waiting for him at his house, where they get treated to a showcase of all the projects Dustin built at science camp. But there’s one in particular he’s excited about.

“This is my masterpiece,” says Dustin, as he swiftly opens a duffle bag. “I would like you to meet Cerebro, an unassembled one-of-a-kind battery-powered radio tower.” Will, who seems to be slightly underwhelmed, says “So, it’s a… ham radio,” to which Dustin replies, “The Cadillac of ham radios. This baby carries a crystal-clear connection over vast distances. I’m talking North Pole to South. I can talk to my girlfriend whenever and wherever I choose.” If you’ve watched the previous seasons, then you’ll know Dustin hasn’t had a girlfriend, but now he’s (supposedly) met someone at camp named Suzie.

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