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It might not be overly popular anymore, but for the children of yesteryear, visiting a friend who had a treehouse used to be pretty damn awesome.

Those kids may be all grown up now, but now they can relive the thrill all over again thanks to the new tree-top hotel Løvtag, which has just opened near Als Odde in Jutland.

So far, just one cabin has been completed, but around 70 bookings have already been confirmed – the price of an overnight stay for two and a bit of breakfast thrown in is 2,750 kroner.

Owner Rasmus Lybæk decided to embark on the journey eight years ago when his father complained about not being able to make any money anymore off lumber in their little forest on their land and asked his son why he couldn’t just build a hotel in the trees to rent out to tourists.

“For some reason I couldn’t really let the idea go, so I’ve been working on it ever since,” Lybæk told DR Nyheder.

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Success = more cabins
The tree-top cabin has cost Lybæk around 1.5 million kroner and is situated seven metres above the forest floor. It contains design furniture, running water, electricity, a toilet and bath.

An architect from Berlin has helped design the cabin, and 400,000 kroner’s worth of EU funding has also helped make the dream into reality. More cabins will be built, depending on the success of the initial one.

“More cabins can be built in this forest, but in principle they can also be built elsewhere, if others want to do something similar,” said Lybæk.

Read more about the tree-top cabins here (in English).

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