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The long-awaited trial of three Danes charged with acquiring drone parts on behalf of Islamic State is scheduled to start today at Copenhagen City Court. Additionally they are charged with terrorism.

It will be contended that the trio spent 400,000 kroner on acquiring state-of-the-art drone equipment, and that they were trying to spend another 500,000 kroner when they were arrested.

Tracking the money, and sourcing it to IS, will play a large role in the case, according to experts, who mostly doubt the prosecutors will be able to prove the trio received funding derived from terrorism.

Recruits of a Mr Big still at large
Before their arrests, the three Danes, who are all 30 years old, worked as a taxi driver, bicycle courier and teacher. During the investigation they  were respectively known by the codenames ‘Taxachaufføren’, ‘Cykelhandleren’ and ‘Underviseren’.

It is believed they were recruited by Abdulkadir Cesur, one of two men Denmark wants to extradite in connection with the case.

Raised in Denmark, Cesur cannot be brought back to Denmark because he is currently residing in Turkey, where he holds citizenship.

Lars Hedegaard suspect also wanted
It is believed Cesur launched the drone operation in Denmark with Basil Hassan, who is still internationally wanted in connection with the attempted murder of Islam critic Lars Hedegaard in 2013.

Nobody knows of his whereabouts – and even if he is still alive.

It is believed the investigation into the attempt on Hedegaard’s life led the police to the drone operation, which they begun investigating in the same year.

Serious terror attack charges
Two of the three men on trial have been charged with involvement in an attack on a military base in Syria in August 2014, which killed 27 soldiers.

This will therefore be the first time that Danish citizens have been linked to a deadly attack of this nature abroad.

All three could face life imprisonment if found guilty of terrorism.

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