Valve’s ‘Dota Underlords’ open beta launches on Android, iOS and PC


Less than a month after it was announced and just a week after being properly revealed, Dota Underlords is available for play. Valve’s take on the popular Dota 2 mod, Dota Auto Chess, is a stategic battle game where players try to dominate the city of White Spire. The last Dota 2 spinoff, Artifact, did not enjoy a gracious reception, but Underlords is already topping that game’s peak number of players, and seemingly with good reason.

It’s been stress testing with Dota 2 Battle Pass owners for the last week and now anyone can try it for free. The plan is for it to remain in early access for “a few months” before it launches fully with more Underlord characters, ranked play and seasonal changes. It’s available now on Steam, Google Play and the iOS App Store, complete with cross-play so you can start a game on one platform and finish it on another.

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