Who are you and why are you leaving old TVs on porches in Virginia?


Now that the televisions have been rounded up and “TV Santa Claus,” as the neighbors so cleverly dubbed the prankster, has been deemed harmless, we have a few questions — ten, actually.

  1. Let’s start broad. Why’d you do it?
  2. Do you work alone? Police believe there are at least two of you.
  3. Why the old clunkers? The cost of flat-screens has come down.
  4. Is this a statement against cord cutting and streaming?
  5. Can you tell us about your inspiration? As one homeowner said, “It was very Twilight Zone.”
  6. How do you feel about the nickname you’ve been given: TV Santa Claus?
  7. Were you involved in the similar shenanigans last year, when TVs appeared on doorsteps in Glen Allen, Virginia?
  8. Is this a senior prank or a way to impress your new college friends?
  9. Did you intend to bring a flicker of joy to news typically dominated by doom?
  10. Will we see you again?

Okay, I know we said ten questions, but on behalf of a Twitter user, we have to ask: are those your eggs?

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